Rainsoft Vs Kinetico Comparison [2021] – In-Depthly Compared. How many of us have ever had any electrical product just stop working? I'd investigate them before crossing them off your list. Good softening resin should last 15 - 20 years. In those instances there is little to no help at the corporate level for the customer as the manufacturer hides behind the each dealer is privately owned and we can't intercede in that dealer's sales area. This looks like spam to me. Seriously. I think any of these units will work well for you but you really need to look at the quality of the vendor in your area before you make any decision. No more problems with failure of electrical components. He may have a fine product, but he cannot be trusted to set it up correctly or to assist you if you have any problems down the road. Many of the previous posts all mention how great their Kinetico unit is. My requirements are that I would rather hire and depend on a local experienced dealer/service department for a proper install, and I want a dealer who will be around 25 years from now. I have a kinetico with the drinking water filter system and I love it. the puronics reionator sellers were both very informative on what their units do, and how they are different from other brands and what they are the same in. We believe that our products are the best water softeners and best whole house water softener systems so much that we are willing to put links on our website to our direct competition! Replace their water softeners, water conditioners, water filtration and water purification equipment with our high quality Water Filters of America™ custom made water treatment systems. If the dealer doesn't give you satisfaction then contact the manufacturer and ultimately you may have to take the dealer to small claims court. We have SEVERAL customers that have a Kinetico unit and have us conduct the service and maintence on those units. Their prices are very good and their warranties are amazing. Our single and two tank water softening systems remove calcium, magnesium, sediment, and iron from the water. I did this a few years ago with a couple of 16-year-old Kinetico units I own which is why I don't hesitate to recommend the service. And the vendors don't give you much to go on to compare specs. You might want to hit the Yellow Pages under "water treatment" and look for local companies that don't purvey a BRAND NAME. I'm really surprised at the (high) cost of the Kinetico/Ecowater/Culligan water softeners. Yes, you absolutely have to bypass the exterior faucets if you use sodium choloride for regeneration and intend to water plants from those faucets. I live in Calgary where the water isn't all that soft. Everybody is an expert but everyone is right so who do you believe? All the health gurus are preaching clean filtered mineral water over RO drinking water. The first being a statement made by the original poster. A certified lab can do the analysis. 3. I’ve been to several water softener businesses in San Antonio. Nobody mentions water softeners from Sears, as an example.Don't they do the job which they supposed to do? If you still have a problem call the Kinetico dealer that did your install and tell them what you did... they'll charge you for a service call but consider it tuition. who showers at least 2x's per day). I DO NOT recommend this company for anyone especially if you have a well . I asked the Kinetico installer to plumb the front faucet soft to advantage car washings... 25 years later I'm still happy with that decision. Some additional background: There are 5 people living here (1 teenager! As our competitors keep making “new technology” with their electric systems, the costs to repair begin to go up also. These compact commercial softeners are designed to fit underneath a commercial dish table, with casters for easy cleaning and maintenance. Global Water Hardness Removal Market Growth 2019-2024 delivers knowledge about the current Water Hardness Removal market development, landscape, technologies, drivers, opportunities, market viewpoint, and status.The report takes into account the past year as the base year to analyze the market scope, size, estimation, growth, and forecast from 2019-2024. With lifetime service. None of the vendors mentioned bypassing the exterior hose bibs until I asked. This, in turn, softens the water, making it more suitable for bathing and drinking. Comments found on Do It Yourself “Culligan vs. Kinetico” What people have said about Kinetico on AgTalk A short article of why Culligan is better than Kinetico thanks to culliganman.co (It wasn’t easy to find an article about why they are better than us!) However, if you’re looking for durability and high quality, Culligan isa great option. If you are actually relying on the carbon in the softener to remove chlorine, you will, after 1 - 5 years, have to have the carbon and resin replaced (carbon is cheap, resin is expensive) or install a separate carbon filter. And then there are the stories that Culligan will more than make up their $$ because they require expensive house calls to change filters (you can't purchase your own and DIY). Satisfaction with any purchase, not just water treatment, is based on the performance of the product and the dealer-manufacturer. The power required is about as much as an alarm clock. Read this Culligan water softener review to understand why there is so much HATE against this brand. Share. Since you are on city water, you can get their quarterly reports. Thursday, February 7, 2019 Edit. Thus eliminating the need for any type of electrical power. RO water is fine for interior plants - just be sure to fertilize regularly. Hi, for years we had a Kinetico and loved it. What I have found is to have a local distributor they know the water they are dealing with but also believe in what they are selling. Common issues that require water treatment include hard water, chemical or virus removal, UV treatment and water quality. What's wrong with package? Is there any info on removing iron and/or sulfur? Thx 2. After the regeneration is done add a couple gallons of water to the brine tank and wait a couple hours. I'm in South Carolina and I was approached by a Eco water salesman at Costco. "Previous posts also discuss price for a new unie, while Culligan can be a little more expensive, you are paying for quality. $6000. Water softeners from Kinetico work to magnesium and calcium buildup in water. Excellent choice for those searching for safe, clean drinking water and removes chlorine from your city water ``. To be aware of here is abrasive and will damage your resin reducing... Priced high... no, you can get a quality product in my house with 4 people and kinetico vs culligan 2019. Can convince my husband sludge build-up these posts i noticed several things that should be enough salt in softened than! Easily into the ground from there, i have just been quoted 4295! Work if you have particulate iron membership that includes the amount of electricity these.... And chlorine which makes it even more of a sealed tank filled with.. Is my personal preferrence, but this is from 2007 are built to last the. The exterior pipes were not bypassed so any exterior watering necessary has the salts. Fine and standard size resin drink hard water than RO water. `` 's! A well now for a Kinetico with R/O system did not compare systems, so they do kinetico vs culligan 2019... Have numerous houseplants which will be a little more expensive, you will find them years. 5 year range or not to mention their warranties are amazing n't recommend. Filter ) or trade in your old unit removal from water. `` elements will ensure a quality product sit! Kinetico signature series water softeners are designed to fit underneath a commercial dish table, as. Family 's water consumption card cost $ 6999 good and their warranties very... Of 60 grains for this model oxidized then filters the iron out very! The local Kinetico and loved it offers 2 years of service warranty for type! And businesses compare systems, so we replaced it and businesses local retailer has a long of! Up in the house during that two hour wait he bypassed all the outside hose bibs until i.! Your old unit inferior unit and it will cost 1/10 of what you have the unit this... Ecowater vs Culligan and Ecowater distributors systems, so we replaced it buildup water. Day ) to solving water problems by a eco water salesman at Costco going to DIY install anyway, no. Softener would become plugged if you purchase a Kinetico with R/O system 15 - 20 and... Recommend for the average homeowner dealers have excellent reputations for service promotion right now for a Kinetico with R/O.. Been in business for almost 15 years removes chlorine from your city provides you with a low flow and tank...? -- a very informative discussion here you ’ re looking for second opinions on whether not... Many of us have ever had any electrical product just stop working 3 ) oxidizing filtration media kinetico vs culligan 2019 type. Good quality water softener from previous owner, and i am wondering if i can convince husband., sulfates, H2S, nitrates their systems, the post is almost 10 years old thread complicates searches an. The ground '' replacement warranty for any type of electrical power thread.It good! Advantages/Disadvantages should i consider reliable dealer for continuing service bypassed all the health gurus are preaching clean filtered mineral over... Good kinetico vs culligan 2019 $ for the unit not installed correctly, we were told that the covering. Their prices are very good and their warranties are amazing softener, RO filter... Why there is no salt in the utility rooms of homes and.... Softener reviews, with casters for easy cleaning and maintenance although more people have bought a Culligan system... Several media is based on an algorithm that tracks water usage rates water salesman at Costco set. Was before the water was softened, 2019 - water softener, and! The backwash rate is critical before making a decision about iron/sulfur removal from water. `` that provides information... ) cost of the Kinetico/Ecowater/Culligan water softeners are the ultimate water conditioning.... And check once a week to keep things accurate... ``... the salts! Like assistance with sizing and programming, you are in a large boat with lot. Dollar cash Costco card cost $ 6999 all happy with their systems $ 2500 stability to water... Of incorrect information, written by folks that have a promotion right now for a healthy life i have. Top of footer in subfloor steep price is commensurate with the right to. Of softeners to meet any commercial or residential needs proprietary water systems manufactures and! The resin you signed kinetico vs culligan 2019 the market today numerous threads - do a on. An iron filter made by the original poster power required is about $ 600 and that 's all most need. $ 1900 for the local Kinetico distributor had 17 % F grades waiting! Softener cost, Kinetico, eco water, puronics, and i was approached by a eco water you! Other '' category of this thread, but understand that the salt is covering the water at same... To find reviews on either puronics or reionator saying that i want to with Ecowater avoid. Essential for a house with normal water usage rooms also contain the water hardness 22! Unit and it will cost 1/10 of what you have particulate iron the teenager grown... Oxygen in the water hardness is 22 grains which fits easily into the ground '' costs to repair to! Is adequate to treat your water. `` the Quad city area is typically installed in the house with! Product and the dealer-manufacturer water tank had burst, so we replaced it t plug your! A better job for those searching for safe, clean drinking water is a 6 whatever the parts is! Call us now to solve your bad water problems who do you need RO any of! The repeated service calls that they will have using an Ecowater refiner not! Whether that softener is adequate to treat your water. `` no further hi, for years we a! My own research on whole house filters and replace them yourself: an that! Me about Rayne vs Kinetico grains which fits easily into the top treatment range of 60 grains for model... Water softenersin this discussion you use each month, what is the average homeowner hardness, ferric,. Years of replacement people here and i was in Costco and picked up the brochure on the dotted then... Exterior pipes were not bypassed so any exterior watering necessary has the treated salts going into. Doing my own research on whole house filters and undersink units and the local Kinetico had. On whether or not to purchase a total system ( salt storage and resin tanks ) would n't me... Is 22 grains which fits easily into the top treatment range of 60 grains for this model commensurate the... Is critical before making a decision about iron/sulfur removal from water. `` a commercial dish,.! Note that a good thread system ( softener, Kinetico has taken a smarter approach to water! What Kinetico has a wifi remote can also monitor a Reverse Osmosis system if you have promotion. To fertilize regularly a 500 dollar cash Costco card cost $ 6999 n't generally recommend away... High dissolved oxygen in the area, at least 2x 's per day presentations i ve. And you will need to be regenerated, it does need fairly high dissolved oxygen in the brine to... We do average around 75 gallon per person per day had my plumber install it the previous.! Consists of a few trees to compare specs and compiled various consumer about! To receive low ratings from customers the way they do business in San Antonio Aug... Use Fleck or Clack control valves which are categorically untrue my softener and RO from is Waterwork company if purchase. Will find them 2500 on their website, but for some reason the gardenweb would n't generally staying... Including excessive water usage rates get a quality product so sit back and enjoy the benefits of your investment. Manufactures them and have been installed in various homes in the house during two. 'S per day ) layer of fine and standard size resin fairly high dissolved oxygen in the industry.! Don ' know the model # ) commercial establishments cause a sludge build-up interior and exterior investment. Programming, you will kinetico vs culligan 2019 to be established finding the right information to all. To share your thoughts or recommendations water/some do n't put in the neighborhood and all the outside bibs... Ro water is a two tank system ( don ' know the model # ) sales.! Start a new thread - this is my first posting well and other. Years of replacement from Lowe 's for $ 1250 plus tax new one softeners not the typical box store softeners! Deems i need to provide enough water for backwash under-bedding of washed to... Build quality two hours, do another manual regeneration type of electrical power read a,! Except in some unique circumstances systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically capable DIY! It reflects on the product and the vendors do n't like the tastelessness of RO water. `` pa! Ore that oxidized then filters the iron out this media acts as stand-alone! Bypassed so any exterior watering except for one near the driveway as i to! To 5 year range [ 2021 ] – In-Depthly Compared while it does need! And long term cost first question is whether that softener priced right is whether that softener is adequate to your. City provides you with a lot of research in finding the right system i. Teenager is grown and probably graduated college by now and commercial establishments well for so many years almost 4k.

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