Just be honest, then we will buy or not and you can supply what we want to buy. marcolopes. WD Red steht nun für SMR, WD Red Plus für CMR. Western Digital führt „WD Red Plus“-Festplattenreihe ein – Umbenennung aufgrund CMR und SMR! Helpful. 0. Bei SMR überlappen sie sich, was zwar höhere Speicherkapazutäten ermöglicht, aber sie Festplatte langsamer macht. Über die neue Namensgebung informiert Western Digital im Unternehmensblog. This drive does not say SMR. We tested WD Red SMR v CMR drives to see if there was indeed a significant impact with the change. You may find 2, 3, 4, and 6TB WD Red models that are either the previous generation CMR models or current generation SMR models. WD RED, WD RED PLUS und WD RED PRO . Joined May 2013 L6: Expert. Just a reminder, this test was performed as immediately as possible after completing the drive preparation process. There going to be in for a surprise when they discover the CMR vs SMR Difference....ticktockticktock 2. Latest posts. 0 „Controller is running. SMR und CMR sollten sowieso nicht gemischt werden, ich hoffe WD hat hier eine Lösung parat und tauscht die Platten aus - im NAS absolut unbrauchbar. Es hier darum, dass WD die WDEFRX-Platten für den Einsatz in NAS und teilweise auch direkt in RAID Verbünden beworben hat. SMR / CMR Technologie Diese Festplatte verwendet sie SMR-Technologie und kann deshalb in bestimmten RAID-Szenarien Nachteile mit sich bringen. This software investment helps yield the most cost-efficient storage solutions. Maximum platter size for 2.5" CMR is 750GB. JamesA8887. The WD40EFAX is the only SMR drive in the comparison and is the focus of the testing. WD … 0. Reviews commonly state that the 5TB is SMR and some state that the 4TB is CMR or SMR depending on the year. Liste kompatibler CMR HDDs. Realizing this is a little difficult to track, Western Digital has provided a chart to In the file copy test, the effects of the slower SMR technology starts to show itself a bit. Which model WD My Passport Ultra drives are CMR or SMR? Bei PMR-Platten (CMR ist eine mittlerweise veraltete Bezeichnung dafür) liegen die Schreibspuren direkt nebeneinander. Die meistens verwendete Technologie Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) wurde auch das umstrittene Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) ausgetauscht, ohne den Kunden oder die ganzen Shops darüber zu informieren. Oh, PMR is a generic term now, can be CMR or SMR. WD's announcement outlines a new series of WD Red Plus drives that come with the standard CMR technology, but in the same 2 to 6TB capacity points as the slower SMR drives. The WD Blue and WD Black Series come in the 2.5" form factor. Before the SMR/CMR /Plus renaming and WD coming clean, there was no way to know, because WD was being cagey about it. Jetzt mit dem Wechsel von CMR auf SMR führt das zu den bekannt Problemen. Not helpful. DM-SMR (12), (14) Seagate - 3.5" ST2000DM005: 2TB Barracuda: DM-SMR (8) Seagate - 3.5" ST2000DM008: 2TB Barracuda: DM-SMR (2) Seagate - 3.5" ST3000DM007 : 3TB Barracuda: DM-SMR (8) Seagate - 3.5" … Each implementation serves a different use case, ranging from personal computing to some of the largest data centers in the world. After that, … First up, the new SMR drive has been put through a handful of standard benchmarks just to see how it performs in the context of a larger pool of drives. 212 Posts . Also SMR und CMR gemixt, was im Raidverbund gar nicht so toll ist. Juni 2020 von Dennis. If you have a new drive, it should be advertised/labeled correctly. SMR is a technology that can introduce more capacity onto a platter, as well as introduces performance differences, particularly in writes.
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