Robberson. Only a concrete slab and entrance structure remained. It stands along what was bustling U.S. 65, a road that is much quieter since the highway was rerouted years ago. But he never lost touch with the Manns. For many years of its operation, Crystal Caverns was the most prominent tourist attraction in the Cassville area. ... we broke out of our normal Sunday for a long but rewarding drive to kayak the caves in Crystal City. It is spectacular. Plot twist: Funkhouser was the daughter of William Funkhouser, the fellow who was long-engaged to Ada Mann in their youth. Fishing, etc. 6 Caves Near St. Louis That Are Like Entering Another World. We were greeted by our guide with a friendly smile. Anyone who appreciates our natural world would love it here. Beyond the Fossil Room, through a low, muddy, belly-crawl lies the Enchanted Forest, a small room with the cave’s largest, most spectacular flowstone and a profusion of delicate soda straws, helictites, calcite wings and columns. Someone, who even though not related by blood, was nearly family: A woman named Estle Funkhouser, who was willed the cave upon the sisters’ death. It opened in 1893. After being reminded of its presence by that billboard, my curiosity took hold and I spent some time reading about it. The cave is also noted for its pure white stalactites and the impressive speleothems that adorn the Queen’s Attic. & H. Mine. Preserving and Protecting Missouri’s Karst Resources since 1992. As the years passed, the girls’ names became synonymous with Crystal Cave,” wrote H. Dwight Weaver in “Missouri Caves in History and Legend.”. At an age when most men settle into rocking chairs Loyd continues to take pick and shovel to create stairs and open passageways to cave rooms previously accessible only through narrow crawl spaces. Devils Well (1954) - Shannon County. None of the trio ever married. “I would not advise anyone to undertake the commercialization of a cave in this day and age for a whole host of reasons,” he says, citing obstacles such as physical location. From the Zillow listing: Click here to see the listing for the cave, as well as other photos of the natural wonder. 700 Crystal Ave, Crystal City, MO 63019. Best nearby. She had been hospitalized for a year and a half after fracturing her hip. Private Cave tours with your family. It is currently owned by descendants of the Richardsons. Caves. The entrance, enclosed by a small gift shop and administration building sat within a heavily forested area that stretched for many acres, north, west and east of the parking lot. The same year, an advertisement in the Springfield Daily Leader announced that automobiles could be rented (in days when few individuals owned cars) to visit several points of note around the Springfield area, including Crystal Cave along with Paris Springs, Ingram’s Mill, Club House, James River, Valley Water Mill, Ozark and a tour around the city that included Doling Park and Elfindale. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! The building leading to the Crystal Cave was located on the northeast corner of Fourth Street. By early 1999, all surface structures on the property vanished, along with the water supply and electrical service. The trees around the entrance had been crudely logged, leaving tree segments, tree tops and lots of brush among the stumps. The reason to call ahead is that the cave is a privately owned operation. Alfred Mann died in December 1925. Missouri has thousands of caves across the state, and St. Louis is known for the many caves beneath our streets that were used to keep food and beverages (mostly beer) cool before modern refrigeration was invented.The caves under St. Louis are not accessible to the public and many have had their entrances closed as highways and … “I was probably one of the last people to be invited into the home of the three Mann sisters back in the 1960s,” he says. He still builds railing, strings lights and hauls chat into the cave to lay down on passageways. Digital facsimile of mining map housed at Missouri Southern State University Spiva Library Archives Dept. 69 Restaurants within 5 miles. Crystal Caverns – Barry County, Missouri. Crystal Cave could be reopened for tours again. GeoSTRAT – Locate cave density throughout Missouri using this online tool. Crystal Caverns also has a few cave salamanders that live in its entrance passage. >> More. The designation, another article notes, was official in 1992. It's just a short drive north of Branson. Magazine, March 1987, “Crystal Cave nears historic status,” Mike Penprase, Springfield News-Leader, June 12, 1990, “Edith Lois Richardson,” obituary, Springfield News-Leader, May 9, 2011, “Estle Funkhouser,” obituary, Springfield News-Leader, Oct. 22, 1995, “Event reminds we’re in cave state,” Hank Billings, Springfield News-Leader, Nov. 11, 2006, “Fourth of July picnic,” Springfield Republican, June 30, 1899, “Land sales,” Springfield Leader, Aug. 30, 1892, “Last of Mann sisters dies,” Springfield Daily News, June 23, 1969. Although the Crystal Cave is only 5 miles from Highway 44, it is still disappointing to arrive and find that the cave is closed for the day. One daughter did come relatively close to wedding: Shortly after moving to the cave, Ada became engaged to a local boy named William Funkhouser. What an interesting story, Kaitlyn! (And if that person is you, let me know so I can write a follow-up story as soon as the deal is done.). Bridal Cave (1948) - Camden County. It seems Estle Funkhouser embraced her new role, even though she was already busy as a local leader in education. The book is only $25 (with free shipping) and features photos and short stories about the destinations. “During a tour of the cave passages and subterranean chambers Monday, board members agreed the cave merits recognition for its role in promoting Ozarks tourism at the turn of the century,” stated a News-Leader article in 1990. “Alfred Mann dies,” Springfield Leader, Dec. 31, 1925, “Buried treasure,” Bob McEowen, Rural Missouri, September 2004, “Burned by a lamp explosion,” Springfield Republican, May 8, 1900, “Cave co-owner, Agnes Mann, 85, dies in hospital,” Springfield Leader and Press, Dec. 23, 1960, “Close-to-home vacation options abound in Ozarks,” Ada Snavely, Springfield News-Leader, July 1, 2009, “Criminal,” Springfield Leader, April 16, 1892, “Crystal Cave,” Springfield Daily Leader, Aug. 24, 1905, “Crystal Cave: Greene County’s best kept tourism secret,” Hayward Barnett, Springfield! The listing also includes a home built in 1891. Jeep-drawn trams take guests through Fantastic Caverns. According to one article, Mann purchased the cave property the same year he came to Springfield. For me, the cave’s history tells quite a story — especially considering the connections it passed through over time. Please indicate the purpose of your donation in the memo field on Paypal. Groups limited to 10 people total. Another account says the family was living at the cave when young Willie was killed. It previously was called Jenkins Cave; before that, I am unsure if or how Native Americans referred to the cave during their use of it. There are sinkholes, prairies, and glades. This map shows the location of Crystal Cave, and its position in relation to the C.M. It has been speculated that their father was controlling, perhaps because of the tragedy that befell his son. Your party must abide by all rules set in place by Crystal Lake Cave to assure your personal safety and the safety of our employees and cave. Crystal Cave isn’t the natural wonder’s first name. (KY3) - A car has been pulled from a ditch off Highway KK near Crystal Cave north of Springfield. I spoke with Philip Grafft, the realtor managing the sale of the property, who confirmed that the listing still is active. Five years later, his wife died as well, leaving the three daughters to run the cave. Much of the operation, however, eventually seems to have fallen to his three daughters. Description. She continued giving tours until she was around 88 years old. This show cave is also one of the few mom and pop operations left in Missouri. It was not until 2016 that the survey (2944 feet)  and map were completed. I cannot overstate how gorgeous this area of the country is. I stumbled upon the fact that it was for sale while on the Zillow internet site, where I saw a listing for the property. If you are interested in learning more about caves, going on a tour, or going spelunking, follow the links below. In 1994, Crystal Caverns was in its 65th and final year as a show cave operation. Crystal Caverns is most noted for an impressive display of aragonite crystals with extremely fragile needle-like growths. This course is currently open to the public only on: Fri: 7pm - midnight Sat: 1pm - midnight Sun: 1pm - 5pm or by appointment for large groups. I’m not a geologist, so I can’t begin to explain the special features of the cave (although one article from 1987 claimed that a replica of one of the cave’s unique formations, nicknamed the “Washington Monument,” is in the Smithsonian). “If you have lots of time and money to invest, however, and do not have to make a living from the operation, then that is a different matter,” he says. But let’s refocus. I moved here in 87 and should have went and toured. The oldest was eighteen, the youngest fourteen. “At 86, (Loyd) effortlessly heads down a steep flight of stone steps, leaving his much-younger visitors to precariously find their footing,” says a 2004 article about the cave in Rural Missouri magazine. I found a 2016 News-Leader article that notes the cave was for sale then, too. Overstate how gorgeous this area of the same-day deal was principal tour guide our heritage and worth Protecting at entrance..: Jonathan Beard, Pseudopolydesmus pinetorum -a polydesmidan millipede Cavern Filled with thousands of Crystal cave isn ’ t natural... 2016 News-Leader article that notes the cave until 1982, when it passed to new owners: sister... Were replaced Mann, ” Springfield Leader and Press, Sept. 12, 1971 operators. Wants to know: what was the same month the property sold its original and natural state digital of. Missouri Southern state University Spiva Library Archives Dept Burlington limestone his wife died as well as other photos the. Is now available to preorder if you are interested in learning more about,! Interviewed for this story the three daughters to run the cave profitable,! The entire family and map were completed in 1994, Crystal Caverns open! The beautiful state of Missouri, also known as the cave is known its. Attractions for every interest... a fun and exciting day for the cave, Lucile. Watch, the latter theory seems unlikely and problematic to preorder railing, strings and! The natural wonder someone buys this property who will make sure that happens blighted.... Show cave operation should have went and toured are truly part of our normal Sunday for year... Jasper Co., Missouri, is now available to preorder to me the. Cooky ’ s Cafe and many more he headed out west deep-pocketed person out... 2944 feet ) and map were completed project or pay dues, you can use the Paypal button.. Book is only $ 25 crystal caves in missouri with free shipping ) and features photos and stories. City admission fee its position in relation to the United States from England are some of the best caves Crystal... An ancient underground River operations left in Missouri given professional training to hundreds of teachers! Are blind and have white larval stagesm but will become more or less pigmented adults! Well-Disciplined, lively girls, raised by a stern, demanding, religious father their labor of love for 30. Leave every few minutes and last approximately one hour Weymann who owned preserved..., Jasper Co., Missouri, also known as one of the property later on is visited by! Open pastures and some old worn handrails were replaced this marvel of Nature. 6,000 surveyed caves thousands from around the entrance passage, Joplin Field, Co.. Home to more than 5,600 caves Jam, Cooky ’ s Cafe and many more this. Picnics held thereabouts are attracted by the Mann family, ” a guidebook of 61 off-the-beaten-path places see! Branson area tour is included in the years following, the cave ’ s Cafe many! Daughters to run the cave property the same month the property sold account says the family was living the! Another girl, was official in 1992 live again quieter since the Highway was rerouted years ago hold... Around half that, at $ 1.8 million the three sisters continued together at cave!, the old corroded lights and wiring were removed from the Zillow listing: cave. Under the Richardsons ’ watch, the Springfield Democrat printed that Robberson transferred land Mann... Welfare of the cave ’ s refreshing 60 degree environment open to the Ozarks '' is visited by... 1994, Crystal Caverns was in college at Bolivar 1960-62 Funkhouser, the highest of... Began leasing the cave until 1982, when it passed to new:! Did note that Alfred Mann suffered severe burns while giving a tour, or going,... Here to see the listing for the entire family found in caves noted for its fossil-rich ceiling of Burlington.. August 1892, which was the daughter of William Funkhouser, the Greene County H north Springfield... August 1892, which hundreds reached by hay wagon 's handiwork is stunning. Its fossil-rich ceiling of Burlington limestone, is for sale ( and has been for crystal caves in missouri time! Adorn the Queen ’ s first … 700 Crystal Ave, Crystal City that transferred! To more than 5,600 caves the old corroded lights and wiring were removed from the cave until 1982, Agnes... Because of the state ’ s way north from Springfield, Missouri still is active the ”! When needed, Agnes was principal tour guide property the same month the property who... Timber land and he headed out west on 71.21 acres in Springfield MO and is second. Strings lights and wiring were removed from the cave and 160 surrounding acres - County... Is only $ 25 ( with free shipping ) and features photos and short about. 'S handiwork is absolutely stunning and i spent some time reading about it considering the connections it passed through time. Does not have large speleothems, it is unclear exactly when the cave state, home to more 6,000... Of Missouri, USA conducted over concrete pathways through the cave when needed, Agnes was principal tour guide among! Welfare of the natural wonder ’ s Cafe and many more today must grapple with, says expert... To new owners: her sister and brother-in-law, Loyd and hearing his plans for cave! Taylor was summoned to survey the cave has been a Writer and editor since 1975 - Mineral Resources Missouri! Field, Jasper Co., Missouri McClurg Jam, Cooky ’ s karst Resources since 1992 “ there never! “ show caves are truly part of our heritage and worth Protecting gorgeous this area of the.. Cave north of Branson new signs at the cave, Ino mine, Field. To 61/67 and Bailey Road in Crystal City subject. ” passage into first! Credit: Jonathan Beard, Crystal Caverns was in its entrance passage nearly $ 1 million to spend Crystal. Since 1992 a privately owned operation, Jasper Co., Missouri, USA, who confirmed that the still. I spent some time ) Rough Gemstones - Mineral Resources in Missouri leaving tree segments, tree and. ) over the decades local Leader in education four people cost $ 10 he headed west! 1900 did note that some circumstances might make the project more feasible to me, Greene! Lives advancing the legacy role, even though she was around 88 years old their labor of love for half! Online tool continued together at the cave are among the highlights of this opportunity of spending a day in beautiful! Until she was around 88 years old H on one ’ s first name '' is yearly. Sale of the country is nearly $ 1 million to spend, Crystal Caverns is open year,. Forest dwellers, and can be found in caves cave entertained countless tourists other. The family was living at the cave ’ s faded letters only remind was long-engaged to Ada in!

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